Feature Films – Production Sound Mixer

• Are We There Yet• The Signal• In Too Deep (Boom Operator)
• Hollywood & Wine• A Wise Decision• Renegade Force (Boom Operator)
• Proximity (Sound Mixer-2nd Unit)• Obscured• Banshee (Boom Operator-2nd Unit)
• 25 Hill• Why Art• Fun Size (Sound Utility)
• Captain America: The Winter Soldier (EPK Sound Mixer)• OZ the Great and Powerful (EPK Sound Mixer)• Welcome To Collinwood (Playback)
• Outsiders (Sound Mixer-2nd Unit)• The Jersey• The Avengers (EPK Sound Mixer)

Commercials – Production Sound Mixer

• NBA "Reading Is Fundamental" PSA• Coca-Cola & Pepsi• “Love Has No Labels” - Ad Council (ProBowl)
• Super Bowl XLII "Who Wants It More"• Pringles• Progressive & State Farm Insurance
• Super Bowl XLVII "Disney/Joe Flacco"• Cleveland Clinic• Apple Computer
• NIKE• Ohio Lottery• Akron Children’s Hospital
• NISSAN• Ohio State University• Cedar Point Amusement Park
• VISA• Kent State University• McDonalds
• Infiniti/NCAA• Akron-Canton Airport• Wheaties

Network & Documentaries – Production Sound Mixer

• NFL Network – “Sound FX: All Access”

(Emmy Award Winning for Best Sound)

• CBS Sunday Morning• America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa
• Craig Ferguson – The Late Late Show• 30 For 30 - Believeland• Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies
• "A Field A Far" - Mozambique Tour• National Geographic • One & Done: Ben Simmons Documentary
• HBO American Standoff Barb Kopple• The History Channel • F.B.I. Files
• The American Experience – PBS• The Discovery Channel• FOX Sports
• Good Morning America• 60 Minutes, 20/20• 48 Hours
• Evolution• Dateline, The Today Show• Frontline

Sports & Adventure – Production Sound Mixer

• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Cincinnati Bengals

(Emmy Award Winning for Best Sound)

• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Miami Dolphins

(Emmy Award Winning for Best Sound)

• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ New York Jets• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Houston Texans

(Emmy Award Winning for Best Sound)

• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Jacksonville Jaguars• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Baltimore Ravens
• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Dallas Cowboys• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Atlanta Falcons
• Hard Knocks: Training Camp w/ Kansas City Chiefs• Eco-Challenge: US Armed Forces Championship
• Eco-Challenge: Fiji Islands, Alaska & New Zealand• Eco-Challenge: Morocco, Malaysia & Borneo
• Super Bowl LI-Houston, TX; Super Bowl L-Santa Clara, CA• Super Bowl XLI-Miami, FL, Super Bowl XLVIII - NY/NJ
• Super Bowl XL-Detroit, MI; Super Bowl XLIX-Arizona• MLB: Road To October
• Lindsey Vonn: “The Climb” Documentary • NFL Full Contact, NFL Characters Unite
• Elite 11 Quarterback Challenge (Sound Supervisor)• Wild Rules (Sound Supervisor)

Reality Television – Production Sound Mixer

• Survivor Seasons: 3, 4, 5, 10*, 20, 23, 25, 31

(Emmy Award Nomination for Best Sound - Season 10)

• Apprentice Seasons: 1,6,7
• Martha Stewart Apprentice • Celebrity Apprentice Seasons: 8,9,14
• Breaking Amish; Hollywood Medium• Restaurant Impossible
• 90 Days Fiancé• Treehouse Master
• Toy Hunter; The Casino• The Amazing Race; Pirate Master
• Coupled• Fat Chef

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